Environment.Vote is a non-partisan online civic space for voters interested in environmental issues and their values-aligned preference voting options.


Environment.Vote uses transparent methodology to assess the environmental policy, climate action stance and integrity of all candidates in Australian Federal Elections, to provide voters with simplified analysed data to help them quickly and safely make informed decisions on their personal preferential voting choices, aligned with their personal values around the environment ✌️🌏


In the 2019 Australian Federal Election the Environment.Vote Climate Policy Scorecard informed the Australian public on the strength of the climate policy around a range of topics, for each party in the election. As well as educating voters the scorecard resulted in major changes to several party policies around environment, energy and climate action, helping their policies to improve to a higher standard 👍🌏


Environment.Vote partnered with transition accelerators Reunion.Earth to develop the #votefortheplanet awareness raising campaign, highlighting all candidates with good climate policy in Australia. Vote For The Planet Guides for all 151 electorates were developed and went viral with over half a million page views in the week leading up to the election. Analysis showed that higher page views for each electorate were directly aligned with swings to more progressive candidates in those electorates, indicating the measurable impact our guides had on election results. The new graphical layout for independent how-to vote cards created by Environment.Vote helped to communicate to voters how to make safe, informed personal choices, quickly when at the polling booth 🙌🌏


The Climate Policies List shows all the climate, energy and environment policies of every party in the 2019 Australian Federal Election. This is the transparent dataset used to assess each candidate's policies and we update our scorecard when they improve the standard of their policies on their public websites, resulting in better policies for everyone 🤝🌏


In the 2022 Australian Federal Election, Environment.Vote assessed the climate stance of all candidates in all 151 electorates of the House of Representatives and all Senate candidates, to create the 2022 Vote Cards. These were based on the many great new voting resources which assessed party climate policy in the 2022 Australian Federal Election and Environment.Vote also considered the webpages of all independent candidates up until the May 21st election, making them the most comprehensive and inclusive vote guides available in 2022 👐🌏


Environment.Vote is now seeking Volunteers to help develop metrics, analyse publicly available data and improve our digital user experience for the next Australian Federal Election. We are also seeking partners to help share the our data analysis in effective ways with Australians who share our care for the environment 🙏🌏


Please get in touch to provide Feedback and help out in any way you like. Thank you 🤙🌏



Authorised by Dane Murray, www.Environment.Vote, Manly, NSW Australia.