Fun loving, environmentally aware and socially conscious entrepreneur.

Collaboration designer and innovation facilitator by day - community connector and change maker by night. Love finding solutions to complex problems, especially whilst sharing a laugh :-D

Dane Murray

Instagram: danegerouskakaw

Linkedin: danemurray

Twitter: Dane_Murray

Facebook: muzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...



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Biomedical Scientist, Environmental Engineer and Regenerative Designer who is allergic to rules and addicted to play. 

I’m the Chief Doer at Fuckgiving and Futuregiving and I give lots of fucks about redesigning systems, transformative education and working with legends to get shit done.


Instagram: fuckgiver

Linkedin: sara-rickards-44016557

Facebook: sara.rickards

Websites: www.futuregiving.co or www.fuckgiving.co 

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Social Entrepreneur, Creative & Communications Strategist.

Founder of Futurekind Agency and The Today Initiative, I’m passionate about transforming communities and lives for good. I care deeply about the future we create for our children and this beautiful planet...  and I know many Australians are on the same page.

Seb Berry

Instagram: thefuturekind & todayinitiative

Linkedin: sebastianberry

Websites: www.futurekind.co & www.the-today-app.com

Facebook: sebastian.berry.35

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Strategist, writer, facilitator, workshop designer, founder of fromm, father, and owner of a ratbag Border Collie. 

I believe radical transformation is fundamental to the future of the planet and humanity. We need to dispense with despair, get indignant and act. Because embedded in that action is hope. And we need to Know Hope if we want to fix this hot mess.

Matt Kendall

Instagram: mjkendall

Linkedin: matt-kendall-7b468243

Twitter: mjkendall

Facebook: matt.kendall

Websites: fromm.com.au


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Vice Optimisation Specialist, Social Entrepreneur, Podcast Host & Frother.

I care about conscious consumption and the progression of the human race through individuals taking account for their actions. I do this with my global community at 101 Tokens. This election is about empowering individuals to come together for the most important moment in Australia’s history - and to do it with a smile on their face.


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